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Activate Microsoft Office 2019 without Product Key Free [100% Working]

Microsoft Office 2019 (Activation without Product Key)

After a series of demos, Microsoft has finally released the official version of  MS Office 2019. This is a stable version, which means that you can now download and use it without worrying about the fatal errors you received in the beta in the past. However, I’m sorry that according to the release, Microsoft Office 2019 only works on Windows 10. If you are using Windows 8.1 or earlier, you cannot install it. Frankly, I hate what Microsoft did to get users to use Windows 10. I think Office 2016 is still a good choice for casual users. Furthermore, Microsoft Office 2019 Activation helps you to enjoy all features of Office.

Here We guide you how to activate Microsoft Office 2019 without Product Key to avail unlimited features. Follow the given steps carefully to activate your Microsoft Office 2019 without Product Key. It is the most recent version of MS Office after MS Office 2016.

Microsoft Office 2019 Activation without Product Key:

First of all you have to download MS Office 19 from following links:

  1. Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus you click here
  2. Microsoft Office 2019 Project you click here
  3. And, Microsoft Office 2019 Viso you click here

Step 1: Copy the following code into a new text document.

Click here to Copy

Then you create a new text document.

Microsoft Office 2019 (Activation without Product Key)

Step 2: Paste the code into the text file. Then you save it as a batch file.

Paste the code into the text file

save it as a batch file

Step 3: Now run the batch file as administrator.

run the batch file as administrator

Please wait…


Great, you have done it! Your MS Office 2019 has been activated now. Go back and check the activation status again.


You check the activation status again.

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More information:

Here is KMS client key of MS Office 2019:


  • Title: Activate Microsoft Office 2019 without Product Key Free [100% Working]
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Comments 27

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shnkar says:

Loved it man !!!!!

officeguy says:

awesome bud, worked so easy!!!

Abu Ali Aldosari says:

Thanks man , I like your website & it’ first visit

Mr. Mohammad Aldosari (Abu Ali Aldosari)

John Doe says:

IT works but its office 2016 not Office 2019

cracksarena says:

Its MS Office 2019. You should download it from right links given in the article.

John Doe says:

Please remove my previous comments. I do not want to be a part of a lie. This is not Office 2019.

cracksarena says:

Its MS Office 2019. You should download it from right links given in the article.

John Doe says:

I tested it again and uninstalled it. It is 2016 and not 2019. Downloaded it from your link.

cracksarena says:

But this link is from official website of microsoft, so if the provided link is of older version, you should ask for support there.
As on our behalf, we have tested it and it is 2019 version thats working really fine.

John Doe says:

Thanks for the official link.
Under Word/Excel you go to File -> Account and it will say
“Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016”
Pls feel free to test it.

John Doe says:

This ISO is not from Microsoft as you indicated. It is from Pls look at the link carefully. Would you pls add a signature for legit Microsoft ISO file. I wonder if this ISO contains backdoors or something.

cracksarena says:
Try downloading it from this link.

John Doe says:

Thanks! Good News! sha1 match for both ISOs. In short, they are the same exact file so no worries about backdoor or maleware but unfortunately it is still Office 2016. Thanks for your help.

John Doe says:

Do you have ISO for X17-59186.iso Windows 7? I own the key but I lost the ISO file. I have been searching online but I am assuming that you guys have lot more resources than me.

cracksarena says:

If you owe the Product Key, you shouldn’t worry about searching iso on alot of websites. just follow these steps in given link and you should get your iso file.
Note: your product key should be valid and not outdated.

John Doe says:

My product is valid and I still have my original product receipt. I tried your website earlier today and the first time it worked and gave me ISO with only two options French and Korean. It didn’t allow me to change the language after installation(yes key worked) because it is Professional and not Ultimate. Now the site gives me error Message Code 715-123130. I don’t speak french. Even 59185.iso is not working with my key which worked in the past.

cracksarena says:

Assuming you have a valid, non-OEM, license key, you can download that direct from Microsoft

But If it is an OEM license for that, MS expects you to get that from the manufacturer, HP.

John Doe says:

Once again thanks a lot. It is a retail license copy. Luckily I solved the problem. I installed french version of Windows7 with french instructions and then I used Microsoft Media tool to get the official Windows 10 ISO. They allowed me to choose English language. Now I have Windows 10 Professional ISO with English language.

Do you know if you can upgrade from Office 2010 Pro Plus to 2016 Plus Pro for free? I ask this question because I have a legit retail( paid copy) of Office 2010 and no matter what Office ISO I install it becomes Office 2016 Pro Plus(activated). Have you heard of anything like this before?

cracksarena says:

I am glad that you have solved your problem, as for your concern about Office 2010 , I must say Office 2010 with retail copy cannot be upgraded to 2016 free. And my pardon I haven’t heard of such thing you mentioned later. You should try to uninstall all previous office versions and install office 2019 from those links i gave earlier. it must solve your problem because office 2019 is only compatible with windows 10 which you didn’t have earlier.

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Dauze says:

It worked. ThANKS

Nancy says:

Thanks a lot. It worked

cracksarena says:

Our pleasure, thanks for kind response, please subscribe our blog for latest updates

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Matthew Isreal says:

Worked. Thank you so much. For people who it did not work for, you’ll need data connection.

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